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Spanish Civil War



1. Bf109D-1 "Legion Condor" Fighter Group Commander 88 Pilot: Hauptmann Walter Grabmann (final score 7), late 1938, Spain.

RLM 62, RLM 65.

2. Me 109D 1/J 88, Spain, August 1938. Pilot, Oblt. (Lieutenant) Otto Bertram.This aircraft was shot down on October 4, 1938. RLM 63, RLM 65.

3. Bf-109V-3 Obit. Hannes Traufloft, J/88, Sivilla/ Tablada airfield, December 1936. One of the first Bf-109s to go to Spain was the Bf-109V-3 flown by Trautloft. Finish was factory standard light grey with Spanish markings applied and This eventually became the emblem of JG 54. The spinner is brown and white with a green tip.

4. Bf-109 B-1 2/J 88, Spain, spring 1937. Pilot, Unteroffizier Norbert Flegel. RLM 77, RLM 65.

5. Bf-109B-2 of 2/J 88, Spain, July 1937.Pilot, Unteroffizer (Sergeant) Wilhelm Staege. RLM 63, RLM 65.

6. Bf-109D 1/J 88, Spain, June 1938.Pilot Lieutenant Wolfgang Schellmann. RLM 62, RLM 65.

7. Bf-109B-2 from 1/J 88, Spain, 1938 Pilot, Hauptmann (Captain) Harro Harder, RLM 62/63 RLM65.

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