48251 "Adam's head" on the wings of the Great War 1/48 by PRINT SCALE

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"Adam's head on the wings of the Great War (Part 2)"


Brand new. Printscale Decals markings for 4 different aircraft. Superb decals which include multiple stencils, and national markings.

1. Albatros D.III (Oef) 153.52 Flik 41J, Torresella, zima 1917-1918, Hptm. Godwin Brumowski.

2. Albatros D.III (Oef) 153.45 Flik 41J, Torresella, prosinec 1917, Hptm. Godwin Brumowski.

3. Breguet XIV A2 10.21, 3th Squadron, Polish Air Force 1920.

4. Phonix D.I 328.26. [Phonix]

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