72-504 Fokker Dr.1 1/72 by EDUARD

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Brand new. Printscale Decals markings for 6 different FOKKER Dr.1 German WWI Triplane fighters. Superb decals which include multiple stencils, and national markings.

1. Fokker Dr.l 204/17 of Vzfw. Paul Baumer Jasta Boelcke, Halluin-Ost, May 1918.

2. Fokker Dr.l 413/17 of Oblt. Karl Bolle Jasta Boelcke, Halluin-Ost, May 1918.

3. Fokker Dr.l 209/17 of Vzfw. Paul Baumer, Jasta Boelcke, Marcke, March 1918.

4. Fokker Dr.1 403/17 by Lt. John Janzen, Jasta 6, Lien St Amand, February 1918.

5. Fokker Dr.l 556/17 from Lt. Ludwig "Lutz" Beckmann, Jasta 6, Lechelle, March 1918.

6. Fokker Dr.l 195/17 from Lt. Hermann Vallendor, Jasta Boelcke, Halluin-Ost, May 1918.

Could be used with Roden, Eduard, Airfix or any other 1/72 Dr.1 kit.

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