72D038 RFC/RAF Roundels 1/72 by AIMS

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1/72 RFC/RAF WWI Roundels


AIMS decals RFC/RAF Roundel set offers a range of roundels and national markings for various British WWI aircraft.

1. Sopwith Pup/Royal_Aircraft_Factory Se.5 upper

2. Sopwith Pup/ Royal_Aircraft_Factory Se.5 upper/lower

3. Sopwith Pup side

3a. Sopwith Pup side

4. Sopwith Pup rudder

5. Sopwith Camel upper

6. Sopwith Camel lower

7. Sopwith Camel side

8. Sopwith Camel rudder

9. Sopwith Snipe upper

10. Sopwith Snipe lower

11. Sopwith Sopwith Snipe side

12. Sopwith Snipe rudder

13. Royal_Aircraft_Factory Se.5 side

13a. Royal_Aircraft_Factory Se.5 side

13b. Royal_Aircraft_Factory Se.5 side

14. Royal_Aircraft_Factory Se.5 rudder

15. Sopwith Triplane upper

16. Sopwith Triplane upper / lower

17. Sopwith Triplane side

17.a Sopwith Triplane side

18. Sopwith Triplane rudder

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