F/D&S-4831 Colors & Markings P-47 Thunderbolt Part 3 1/48 by FURBALL AERO-DESIGN

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 Colors and Markings of P-47 Thunderbolts

Colors & Markings of Republic P-47s Thunderbolts Part 3

This set has options for 20 P-47D from the Pacific Theater.
All of these Thunderbolts have nose art! Here are the aircraft covered:
P-47D-5-RE 42-75940, LT. WYNANS FRANKFORT, 342D FS, 348TH FG, 1944 "Kay"
P-47D-15-RA 42-23224, LT. HERBERT EMRICH, 69th FS, 58TH FG, 1944 "Sleepy Time Gal"
P-47D-16-RE 42-75955, 310TH FS, 58TH FG, 1944 "My San Antonio Rose"
P-47D-28-RA 42-2909, 310TH FS, 58TH FG, 1944 "Passionate Patsy"
P-47D-23-RA 42-27480, 89TH FTR SQ, 80TH FG, 1944 "Burma Yank"
P-47D-23-RA 43-25708, 89TH FTR SQ, 80TH FG, 1944 "Frankie's Turbo / Millie"
P-47D-21-RE 42-25416, 341ST FTR SQ, 348TH FG, 1944 "Miss Mutt III / Pride of Lodi Ohio"
P-47D-4-RA 42-22684, LT. COL. ROWLAND, 341ST FTR SQ, 348TH FG ,1944 "Miss Mutt II / Pride of Lodi Ohio"
P-47D-2-RE 42-8096, LT. COL. ROBERT ROWLAND, 341ST FS, 348TH FG, 1943 "Miss Mutt / Pride of Lodi Ohio"
P-47D-23-RA 42-28118, CAPT. SAMUEL BLAIR, 341ST FS, 348TH FG, 1943 "Miss Jacqueline"
P-47D-3-RA 42-2264, CAPT. A.L. WEEKS, 341ST FS, 348TH FG, 1943 "West By God Virginie"
P-47D-11-RA 42-23024, 73D FS, 318TH FG , 1944 "Gorgeous Gay"
P-47D-15-RA 42-23289, 19TH FS, 318TH FG , 1944 "Lady Ruth"
P-47D-20-RA 43-25327, 19TH FS, 318TH FG, 1944 "Big Squaw"
P-47D-15-RE 42-75782, 19TH FS, 318TH FG, 1944 "El Smoko"
P-47D-15-RE 42-75783, 19TH FS, 318TH FG, 1944 "Little Rock-Ette"
P-47D-15-RE 42-75779, 19TH FS, 318TH FG, 1944 "Patricia"
P-47D-16RE 42-75908, 342D FS, 348 FG, 1944 "Fiery Ginger"
P-47D-23-RA 42-27884, 460TH FS, 348TH FG, 1944 "Bonnie"
P-47D-28-RE 42-28508, 310th FS, 58th FTR GP, 1945 "Jerry"
Again, enough stencils and data are included to build two complete models.

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