X48169 Messerschmitt Bf 109 Stab Pt 1 1/48 by XTRADECAL

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1/48 Messerschmitt Bf 109 Stab Pt 1


Xtradecal decals markings for 13 different aircraft

Superb decals which include national markings and stencils.

Messerschmitt Bf-109E/F/G Pt.1 (13) Stab aircraft

Bf-109E-3 JG 2 Geschwaderkommodore Oberst Gerd von Massow, Frankfuurst-Redstock 1939-40;

Bf-109E-3 III/JG 2 Gruppenkommodoore Major Erich Mix 1940;

Bf-109E III/JG 2 France 1940;

Bf-109E Stab 1A of the Geschwaderstab Channel coast 1940, yellow nose and rudder;

Bf-109F II/JG 54 Gruppen Adjutant Eastern Front 1941, uunusual camo, yellow fuselage band and wing tips;

Bf-109F-4 Trop II/JG 3 Gruppenkommodore Hptm Krahl , Sicily 1942;

Bf-109F-4 Trop I./JG 27 Tech Officer Rudi Sinner Africa 1942;

Bf-109F-2 II./JG 53 Lt Jurgen Harder Poland 1941;

Bf-109F-4 JG 52 Kommodore Maj Hans Trubenbach Moldova 1942;

Bf-109G-2 JG 3 Kommander Maj Wilke, Stalingrad 1942-3;

Bf-109G-6 (trop?) 1./JG 77Italy 1944;

Bf-109G-6 II/JG 52 Gruppenkommodore and 2nd highest scoring Ace Maj Gerhard Barkhorn, Ukraine 1944;

Bf-109G-10 II./JG 52 Gruppen Adjutant Uffz. Anton Kellmayer, Neubiberg 1945.

All in different camouflage schemes from BoB, North Africa, Italy, Eastern Front and Reich Defence as flown by higher ranked pilots.

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