X48173 Messerschmitt Bf 109 Stab Pt 2 1/48 by XTRADECAL

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1/48 Messerschmitt Bf 109 Stab Pt 2


Xtradecal decals markings for 14 different aircraft

Superb decals which include national markings.

Bf-109E-4 Oblt Walter Horten JG 26 Adjutant 1940, Yellow nose and rudder;

Bf-109E-4 Oblt Adolph Summer JG 26 Adjutant June 1940;

Bf-109E-4 III/JG 77 Greece 1941 Yellow nose/rudder;

Bf-109E-4 I/JG 3 CO Hptm Hans Von Hahn Late 1940, St Omer France, Yellow nose/rudder;

Bf-109F-2 I/JG 3 Tech Offizer Hptm Detlev Rohwer Ukraine 1941, Yellow nose/fuselage band, includes correction for spinner stripes;

Bf-109F-2 II/JG 53 Gruppenkommandeur Hptm Heinz Bretnutz, St Omer 1941. Yellow nose/rudder;

Bf-109F-4 JG 54 Adjutant Russia 1941/42. Mainly white with Yellow nose/rudder/fuselage band;

Bf-109F-4 I/JG 54 Hptm Hans Philipp Oct 1942. White uppersurfaces;

Bf-109G-2 Stab JG 77 Maj Joachim Muncheberg Egypt 1943. RLM79 Sand/RLM68;

Bf-109G-2 I/JG 77 Libya 1943 RLM79/RLM68;

Bf-109G-2 Kommodore JG 54 Maj Trautloft Eastern Front 1941;

G-6/R6 1/JG 27 CO Maj Franzisketthe Austria 1944;

Bf-109G-6/U3 NAG4 CO Hptm Friedrich- Wilhelm Kahler Russia 1944

Bf-109K-4 Adjutant III/JG 53 Germany 1945

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